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Tue, 31 Mar 2020
 Key Chain

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3-Dimension Antique (04)
PVC Key Chain w/3-D Effect (01)
3-Dimension Antique (01)

3-Dimension Antique (04)
100 pcs. MINIMUM! Our Antique process gives your pin a pewter look. This particular pin is a five-point star with 3-Dimension detail. The lettering pratically...

Antique Silver w/3-D
100 pcs. MINIMUM! This is an Antique Silver + 3-Dimension. This is a fun way to show off your logo. It allows for great detail. Finish it off with a plating...

Soft-Enamel w/3-D Key Chain (02)
100 PCS. MINIMUM! A unique idea for graduations or award ceremonies. This Medallion Key chain with Soft-Enamel and Casting (3-D) detail. This is Die-Struck, color filled...
Casting Lapel Pin w/3-D (05)
500 pcs. MINIMUM. Casting makes your design a one-of-a-kind. Smaller areas can be cut-out and shapes are cut-out with a 3-Dimension effect. Die Charges slightly higher
3-Dimension Key Chain (02)
100 pcs. MINIMUM! This is a Cloisonne + 3-D process. Our 3-D process is great for medallions for graduations or awards ceremonies. Your design will literally jump...
3-Dimension Soft-Enamel (05)
100 pcs. MINIMUM! Die-Struck and color filled with soft-enamel. This lapel pin is done in a 3-dimension process which allows for the design to show through beautifully...
PVC Key Chain w/3-D Effect (01)
500 pcs. MINIMUM Prices based on 4 colors (additional charges apply for over 4 colors!) Our PVC key chain is a fun and beautiful alternative to the metal key...
3-Dimension Antique (01)
100 pcs. MINIMUM! This is a beautiful Antique Silver with 3-D detail!!. Our 3-D die cast process is truly elegant. Your...
3-Dimension Antique (03)
100 pcs. MINIMUM! This bull is done in 3-D and plated in antique gold. Your design will jump out at you. 3-Dimension...

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