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Tue, 7 Jul 2020
Printing Process

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Printing Process (05)
Photo-Etch + Printing
Cloisonne + Printing
Printing Process (02)
Cloisonne + Printing

Printing Process (05)
1000 pc. MINIMUM When your artwork does not allow for metal lines to seperate color, we have the process for you. Our Printing process allows for crisp...

Photo-Etch + Printing
Our basic Photo-Etch process with Printing process layered over the top. These look beautiful and really add great vibrant detail to your design.

Printing Process (06)
1000 pc. MINIMUM Our Printing Process enables you to use your artwork without metal lines seperating the colors. We print your design directly on to the metal allowing...
Cloisonne + Printing
100 pcs. MINIMUM! Our regular cloisonne is beautiful to begin with, but add printing to the process and it gets even better. This is our basic cloisonee with printing...
Printing Process (04)
1000 pc. MINIMUM This economical process reproduces our original art and colors brilliantly. Your art is directly printed on to the metal. A clear epoxy dome finishes...
Printing Process (01)
MIMIMUM OF 1000 PCS. Printing process can reproduce your artwork beautifully. This is the perfect alternative when enamel fill process is not compatible with your pin...
Printing Process (02)
1000 pc. MINIMUM Our computer generated printing process allows for blending of colors. This process reproduces your artwork accurately and beautifully. Add...
Printing Process (03)
1000 pc. MINIMUM Each color ink is squeezed through a silk mesh directly on to the metal background. This is a great alternative...
Cloisonne + Printing
Start off with a basic cloisonne background and then screen your design on top using our printing process and you will end...
Cloisonne + Printing
When your design calls for color on top of color this is the process for you. Our basic cloisonne with printing...

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